Sunday, July 30, 2006

CBC Radio (Ottawa) Confirms: Councillors Were Never Told Critical Ridership Numbers

“Never. Absolutely never. That was never something that was ever brought forward” said Councillor McRae.

Here is a key excerpt:
ALISTAIR STEELE (Reporter): Well, the question could be how many knew about it. None of the councillors I was able to reach yesterday – and remember, many of them are on summer holiday – had ever heard that number 1,090. Here’s part of my conversation with Councillor Maria McRae, who was out and about in her ward when I reached McRae’s reaction I’d say was typical. I began by asking here how many net new riders she thought would be riding the rails when the system is finished?

MARIA MCRAE (Ottawa City Councillor): I don’t have that stuff in front of me now. But what I can tell you is what I think the ridership number should be and not net new riders, but the number of people using that system should be about 43,000 [by 2011]. That’s not an answer to your question. I realize that. But my understanding of how many people will be taking it would be 43,000 and I don’t have the stuff in front of me, how it separates out, who is currently taking a bus, who will move from the express buses and all that kind of stuff.

STEELE: Do you recall hearing at any point that the net new riders will total only 1,090?

MCRAE: Never. Absolutely never. That was never something that was ever brought forward. So, no.

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