Monday, October 30, 2006

Finally: a Completely Practical LRT Plan

Friends of the O-Train sets the Benchmark for LRT in Ottawa; the City's Proposed Plan Fails Miserably by Comparison

At OttawaLRT, we are dedicated to presenting a critical analysis of why the (City's) proposed project is wrong and why it should be replaced with a more efficient, effective and economical solution. Most of our past commentary has been focused about what is wrong with the City's plan. In late July we gave some insight into what could be better, yet this was far from a complete solution.

Now, working with an ad-hoc group of like-minded community leaders, transit experts, rail experts, and tax-payers, a holistic transit plan has been developed for Ottawa. Friends of the O-Train has published a complete "Practical Plan" for LRT in Ottawa, one that "dramatically increases service levels and system capacity,... enables significant transit ridership increases as called for in the City's Transportation Master Plan,... solves the transit capacity constraints through the downtown core for decades to come... provides easy and economical expansion options to the city's east, west, south and north to Gatineau... can does all this with a capital budget of $438 million, a savings of over $340 million dollars compared on the City's proposed plan."

Amen to that.

Click here to visit Friends of the O-Train.