Saturday, October 14, 2006

Stop the Premature Sale of the O-Trains!

The Current Council Has the Responsibility and the Opportunity to Declare that the O-Trains Must Not be Sold Until the Fate of Their LRT Replacement is Certain. (Note: update below)

From: Ottawa LRT

Date: Oct 13, 2006 4:39 PM

Dear Members of the Transportation Committee,

This email is to request and strongly recommend that a motion be tabled at the October 18th TC meeting (followed by Oct 25th Council session) that instructs the city staff not to enter into an agreement to sell any or all of the the existing O-Train Talents, or any of their related maintenance assets, until after the fate of the proposed LRT project is officially determined.

Now that the future of the proposed LRT is at least theoretically in doubt, failure to introduce such a motion would mean that the members of this Committee continue to officially expect the Talents to be sold, regardless of the certainty of a replacement LRT service. Alternatively, the introduction and adoption of this motion would demonstrate that the uninterrupted service of the O-Train (currently ~2 million riders per year) is important to Council in the absence of an equivalent LRT replacement service. I assume that most of you would prefer to campaign supporting that later position.




Transportation Committee, disposition 47
Wednesday, 18 October 2006, 9:30 a.m.

Sale of Existing Talent O-Trains

Moved by Councillor C. Doucet:

Whereas recent actions by the minister in charge of Treasury Board have put in question when and how a new light rail system will be built to replace the exiting O-Train service;

Whereas the existing O-Train provides cost effective and reliable service to thousands of people each day in a manner which cannot be matched by buses;

Whereas it is essential to minimize the amount of time the O-Train will be out of service as we convert from the existing system to a new system;

Be it Resolved that any potential sale of the existing Talent trains and related assets be put on hold while the fate of the new LRT system is in question.